As we try and continue to carve our path forward and strive to bring about a better quality of life for all of our residents in our community we want to send out a gracious thank you to all the residents that have signed up with Rent Manager. This may seem a small thing to some but for us, as owners, it allows us to pass along savings to our residents by lowering operational expenses and having fewer employees and less administrative tasks. We will continue to seek the most efficient methods to run and manage Kickapoo Village. The  community residents willingness to help keep our community clean and follow the Community Standards guidelines is one of the most effective ways of keeping the rents down in the community. Bethalto’s prosperity has always been achieved through the actions and interactions of its people, who embrace volunteerism and cooperation and strive to bring about a better quality of life for all residents. We here at Kickapoo Village believe in exactly that and we will continue to work diligently to help provide a better quality of life to our residents here at Kickapoo Village.  As the October newsletter stated, we do not anticipate a lot rent increase in 2020. The only way to keep rents low is by having the continued efforts of our residents help us keep operational costs down. These include simple things like using  the online pay service for rent and utilities, keeping yards tidy, using trash receptacles, picking up on their property and beyond,  and most importantly,  not putting anything other than human waste and toilet paper in the toilets and keeping grease out of our pipes.
One last item to mention is that we have been installing water meters to all the homes and RVs in the community in the past month. All residents will be responsible for their own water and sewer in the future. This is just another effort to improve the community’s existing infrastructure, conserve water and make Kickapoo Village a great place to call home.